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Our letter to fellow players


Hello fellow Hockey players and families,

We are twin brothers, Sean and Chris Jansky, and are seniors at Villa Park High School who play Varsity Ice and In-line Hockey on our High School teams.  We also used to play on the Junior Ducks. You may remember an email or letter that was sent out last season from Alex Nichols (our former teammate and founder of Lacing Up For Mom).  We are writing to you today to ask for your support in our effort to continue the fight against a terrible disease.  Most of you don’t know us, but our mom, just like Alex Nichol’s mom, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She has had treatment/surgery and is currently in remission, but unfortunately, she will never be 100% clear of this disease until they find a cure for this secondary form of cancer called Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC).  

Any woman (or man) that has had breast cancer has a 30% chance of getting this incurable form… but that’s what we are trying to change.  With your help we will raise money to fund research to find a cure for MBC.  We will be donating all our proceeds (minus the lace costs) to Metavivor.  They are the leading charity funding the efforts to cure MBC and they donate all their proceeds. You can read all about them here:  Last year Alex was able to exceed his goal, donating $5,570 to Metavivor.  This year, my brother and I have a donation goal of $7,000. 

Please join us in this fight by showing your support and buying a pair of our special Pink Hockey Skate laces.  The cost is just $10 per pair.  We’d really like to see if we can get the entire league in pink laces.  It would be a huge show of support, not only to our mom, but to the other moms, women (and even men) out there that are battling with this same reality.  As a matter of fact, we know of multiple moms in our hockey community that could use our support, just as we are sure many of you know someone who could use yours! 

And since we all enjoy competition, why not now?  There are two (2) ways to WIN: 

1) The team that purchases the highest quantity of laces 


2) The team that donates the most money in lace purchases (plus monetary donations)


The prize:  At the end of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month). You will have a choice of a new team banner (up to 4’ x 10’) OR 50 team-logo window decals.  Plus we’ll put your team photos on our website as the winners.  Prizes will be donated by LiveWire Creative Services

Please join us and help continue Alex’s dream, by responding to this email with your order.  We’ll need to know size (length), quantity of pairs, and waxed or not.  And if you send us photos of your team showing support (wearing the laces), we'll try to put your photo on our website

If you don't play hockey but would like to help without purchasing laces, you can donate directly to Metavivor from our home page and click on the pink link "DONATE TO METAVIVOR". Thanks so much for listening to us and a huge thank you to all those that donated last season!  We hope to see you all in pink laces during the “Breast Cancer Awareness” month of October!  

PS. A great way to get your entire team involved is to find a generous parent or company to sponsor your team.  Have them contact us and we’ll get it setup A.S.A.P.


Sean and Chris Jansky

Co-Presidents & Seniors at Villa Park High School

Villa Park Ice Hockey, and Inline Hockey

Kids Raising Funds to Find a Cure For Mom

"We are focused on raising funds to help find a cure for metastatic breast cancer, a form of cancer that has no cure…yet!” - Alex

 “Our greatest wish is that for our mom, and other women and men, to never have to live with or fear this terrible disease.” - Sean and Chris  

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